inside my eyes


the darkness comes in waves and moves in blots
I can only guess what’s lurking on my way down
(my head bloated with warmth and light)


I shut my eyes tighter
I catch a breath
I sense the moving city out the window
at this point I very briefly think of you
but your name becomes music
and music becomes mantra

when I plunge into the pit
and let myself sink slowly
I beg myself to save me
while denying all salvation
I convict myself to drown
swaying weightlessly
among the shadows within


[Há tempos não me nascia um poema já em inglês. 
Quando acontece às vezes traduzo, mas esse gostei assim. 
Tem umas aliterações naso-sibilantes que me atraem.]

professional confessional

Sad Love
i got all that stuff i wish i could tell you
but then i get all stiff and can’t say a word
like that time i wanted to tell you how i faked it for love
but then didn’t want to hurt your pride
and could picture you yelling and then sulking and then calling me a liar

so i don’t tell you all that stuff i wanted to say
and just sit silently over a cup of coffee thinking
about how i wish lovers could say anything
but then i remember that everytime i tried this i failed
and just go back to sipping the coffee, bitter, sugarless

and look up from the cup and you’re there
more beautiful than beauty itself
so i shut up and fake it
and you will never know
that i faked it for love